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About the Scottish Information Commissioner

About the Scottish Information Commissioner

Daren Fitzhenry took up post as Scottish Information Commissioner in October 2017, for a fixed term of six years.

As Scottish Information Commissioner, Daren is responsible for the enforcement and promotion of Scotland's freedom of information laws. This includes handling appeals about the way in which Scottish public authorities respond to information requests, promoting good practice and monitoring and assessing FOI performance.

He is strongly committed to the principles of freedom of information, recognising the significant benefits that FOI brings to society, not least its key role in enabling the public's participation and engagement in the issues which really matter to them.

Since taking up his post he has launched a major intervention aimed at improving FOI performance of the Scottish Government, actively engaged with the Scottish Parliament and Scottish Government on the updating of FOI legislation in Scotland, overseen the largest extension of FOI to new bodies since the legislation was enacted, and laid a special report to the Scottish Parliament examining the impact Covid-19 has had on FOI in Scotland. He was also a member of the Governance Working Group of the International Conference of Information Commissioners, actively contributing to the development of the body's Charter and leading the development of the body's first strategic plan.

Prior to his current role, he was a senior officer in the Royal Air Force Legal Branch, heading up its legal advisory team, with wide-ranging experience in the development, implementation and enforcement of regulatory systems.