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Current investigations

Current investigations

We publish a list of our current applications. The report is updated early in each month.

Download list of applications to 31 March 2022 (.pdf)

Download list of applications to 30 June 2022 (.csv)

Below you will find an explanation of each case status.

The report can be searched by applicants (by case reference) and authorities (by case reference or authority name). The report states which stage the case is at, through from newly received to investigation and decision waiting to be approved.

We are a small team, but deal with cases as quickly as we can. Cases are handled by 2 validation officers and 7 (full time equivalent) investigators.

We deal with lots of different types of cases. Some can be handled more quickly than others.

We keep applicants and authorities up to date during the investigation. Once a case is closed (settled or decision notice issued), it will no longer appear on the list.

However, the Commissioner publishes decisions around a week after issue in our decisions database.

Case Status: What does this mean?

"New Case" received means new application received. Case opened, but validation checks not started.

"Validation checks being carried out" means the application being checked to determine if we can investigate.

"Case validated: waiting to hear from the authority." Validity checks carried out - we can investigate. Waiting for the  authority to give us comments and any withheld information. 

"Case validated: initial assessment before allocation to investigator".  Comments and withheld information received from authority.  Head of Enforcement assessing case to determine complexity and sensitivity.

"Case validated: initial assessment done - to be allocated to investigator." Case assessed and allocated to a team leader for allocation to an investigator. 

"Allocated to investigator."   Case allocated to investigator, but work on investigation not started.

"Investigation ongoing." Investigation ongoing.  Includes time spent drafting the decision.

"Decision submitted for first level approval." The investigator has submitted the draft decision to their team leader for first level approval. 

"Decision submitted for second level approval." The team leader has submitted the draft decision to the Commissioner or Head of Enforcement for final approval.